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Top 7 HVAC Problems: How to Identify and Fix Them

Dealing with common HVAC problems can be a daunting task for any homeowner. But understanding these issues can be your first step towards maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. 

From dirty filters that degrade your air quality to thermostat malfunctions that disrupt your ideal indoor temperature, HVAC problems come in various forms. Knowing how to identify these problems and when to call in professionals can make a significant difference.

This article will explore the top seven HVAC problems you might encounter, how to identify them, and how to fix them. By the end of it, you'll better understand your HVAC system and how to keep it running efficiently. 

So, whether you're a new homeowner or someone looking to brush up on their HVAC knowledge, read on for valuable insights that can save you time, money, and potential discomfort.

Dirty or Clogged Filters

Filthy HVAC filters

In your quest to maintain a comfortable home environment, you'll likely face one of the most common HVAC problems - dirty or clogged filters. They can dramatically reduce airflow, making your heating and cooling system less efficient.

If you notice lower system efficiency or find excess dust around the vents, it might be time to inspect your filter.

Before you attempt to replace the filter, there's a simple process you should follow. Start by turning off your AC to let it defrost. This usually takes about one to three hours. Then, turn on the fan for about an hour. It helps to prevent any potential damage to your system.

After this, you can replace the old filter with a new one. In areas like Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Volo, and Grayslake, it's suggested to change filters every 1-3 months, depending on use and air quality.

Remember, regular filter replacements are not just about ensuring comfortable temperatures in your home. They also contribute to the quality of the air you breathe, making your house comfortable and healthy.

Thermostat Malfunctions

An HVAC system thermostat

Among the many HVAC problems you might encounter, thermostat malfunctions often rank near the top. These can manifest as inconsistent temperatures in your home or even your HVAC system refusing to start.

Irregular temperature shifts or unresponsive systems are common signs that your thermostat may be acting up. However, modern programmable thermostats can often prevent such issues. These advanced devices maintain consistent temperatures and provide the comfort you expect all year round.

Regarding basic thermostat troubleshooting, start by checking if it's set to the correct mode (heat or cool) and the desired temperature. Don't forget to inspect the batteries—they might simply need a replacement.

If your problem persists, calling in a professional is a good idea. Thermostat issues can be intricate; without the proper knowledge or tools, you could accidentally cause more harm than good. Professional HVAC services can accurately diagnose and resolve the problem, saving you from potentially costly repairs in the future.

Leaking or Low Refrigerant

A professional fixing an AC unit

As we continue discussing common HVAC problems, we must mention issues with refrigerant – the chemical that your air conditioner uses to remove heat and humidity from the air in your home. It plays a vital role in maintaining a cool, comfortable environment during those warm Lake Zurich summers.

Signs of refrigerant problems can include warm air blowing from your AC or strange hissing noises coming from your unit. Additionally, you might notice a spike in your energy bills as your system works harder to compensate for the lack of refrigerant.

Identifying leaks can be complicated. You might spot ice formation on the refrigerant line or notice reduced cooling performance. Another sign is a constantly running system, trying its best to reach the set temperature but failing due to low refrigerant levels.

However, it's crucial to note that dealing with refrigerant isn't a DIY task. This chemical can be harmful, and improper handling can lead to further system damage. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, calling a professional HVAC service is the best course of action. They have the knowledge, tools, and experience to resolve the issue safely.

Ignition or Pilot Control Issues

A professional repairing an HVAC system

Having a reliable heating system is essential, especially during the chilly winters in areas like Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Volo, and Grayslake. Unfortunately, ignition or pilot control issues can disrupt your heating, leading to intermittent or even complete heat loss.

Symptoms of ignition or pilot control problems include inconsistent heating and instances of your furnace going into a 'lockout' mode. In 'lockout,' the furnace tries to ignite multiple times, and after repeated failures, it shuts down as a safety measure.

To troubleshoot at home, you could examine the pilot light. An optimally functioning pilot light is strong and blue. If it's out, attempt to relight it according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. However, it indicates a deeper issue if the flame isn't blue or won't stay lit.

Addressing these issues can be complicated and potentially risky if you aren't trained to handle them. Thus, it's best to let professional HVAC services take these problems. Their expertise ensures safe and efficient resolution, preventing further damage to your system.

Mechanical Wear and Tear

An outdoor HVAC system

Let's discuss another common HVAC problem - mechanical wear and tear. Your HVAC system comprises numerous mechanical components such as belts, bearings, and motors. Just like any other machine, regular use can lead to wear and tear of these parts, affecting the overall performance of your system.

Some signs of mechanical wear and tear include unusual noises coming from your unit, decreased efficiency in heating or cooling, and frequent system cycling. These symptoms often point toward components that may be worn out or need replacement.

You can prevent such issues through regular HVAC maintenance. It helps identify potential problems before they worsen and extends your system's lifespan, ensuring it performs optimally throughout the year.

However, if your system shows signs of mechanical wear and tear, it's time to contact a professional. They can assess whether a repair would suffice or if a replacement is necessary. This approach not only safeguards your home's comfort but also protects your HVAC investment in the long run.

Dirty Coils

Another frequently encountered HVAC issue is dealing with dirty condenser or evaporator coils. This issue can cause your HVAC system to blow warmer air than expected, compromising your home's comfort.

Over time, dust and grime can build up on these coils, hindering their ability to absorb heat and causing your system to work harder. The result? Increased energy consumption and potential wear and tear.

Thankfully, this problem is relatively easy to fix with a bit of effort. You can clean these coils with compressed air, household detergent, or commercial cleaners designed for the purpose. However, be careful not to damage the coils in the cleaning process. They are delicate and can be easily bent or punctured.

While homeowners can perform some routine maintenance, it's best to call a professional if you're uncomfortable doing it yourself or if the coils are heavily soiled. 

Dirty AC Unit

Dirt and debris accumulation isn't restricted to the coils; the entire AC unit can get dirty over time. This common HVAC problem can cause your unit to operate differently than it should, affecting your indoor comfort.

Dirt can clog the filters, block the evaporator coil, and disrupt the overall efficiency of your system. This could result in reduced cooling performance, increased energy bills, and potentially, a shorter lifespan for your unit.

Cleaning the AC unit involves dismantling it to clean the mats and curd thoroughly. Regular cleaning of window AC units can help prevent noisy operation and poor indoor air quality. However, this task can be complex and time-consuming for the average homeowner.

If you need more clarification or are uncomfortable with such detailed maintenance, it's wise to turn to professional HVAC services. They can perform a comprehensive cleaning, ensuring that every component of your unit is clean and working as it should.


In conclusion, we've explored seven common HVAC problems that you might encounter in your home - dirty or clogged filters, thermostat malfunctions, leaking or low refrigerant, ignition or pilot control issues, mechanical wear and tear, dirty coils, and a dirty AC unit. Each of these issues can disrupt the comfort of your home, but with proper understanding and maintenance, they can be managed effectively.

The importance of regular HVAC maintenance is essential. By taking preventative measures like cleaning your system regularly and promptly addressing any unusual symptoms, you can keep your HVAC system in top shape and prevent minor issues from escalating into major, costly problems.

However, remember that HVAC systems are complex, and you can only resolve some problems with a DIY approach. Sometimes, it's necessary to seek professional help. Professionals have the tools, training, and experience to diagnose and repair HVAC problems accurately and safely.

If you're in Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Volo, Grayslake, or other surrounding areas, and you're facing any HVAC issues or need routine maintenance, don't hesitate to reach out to professionals. JT Services offers top-quality heating, cooling, and appliance repair and installation services. We're here to ensure your home stays comfortable, regardless of the season.

For any HVAC needs or questions, feel free to get in touch with us. Your comfort is our top priority.

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